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So much good stuff on here lately. Thought I'd contribute some new up the old scanner and dig around for motels that caught my eye as being particularly...evocative.

Because I love motels. I love the people who work there, who eye you with that mix of distrust, disinterest, and disgust. That first cold blast of the clamorous, rattling A/C. Thin towels, disinfectant, getting to know the other long-termers. Won't even go into the beds, that is, discuss them.

Here are some motels 'round town:

First off, the Town Motel:

Really nice International/Streamline. Dig the lone car. (Also see the even more imperious )

Another streamline --

"Beautiful" is code word for "oil derrick". That towers over. case you're checking your Google Street, we're 0 for 3. However, this one still stands:

Should we assume "Back" means "on your"?

The Sun Motel:

Deco masterpiece The Sun has had some work done, but looks more bleak, in this one ...but look at the cars. The card where they have the addition and improved signage appears to predate this image by a good ten years. Uh-huh.

Though no sun shall enter

...where at Vine Lodge -- 1818 N Vine -- the patio is forever empty and shadowed. (At least it's still extant.) (Though the back of the card reads "All rooms cross ventilated, insuring constant fresh air." Needless to say, Vine Lodge has since been hemmed in by massive developments.)

5154 Sunset -- "Largest Motel in Hollywood -- 125 Rooms -- 35 Kitchens."

They've blocked up the arch, but everything is still back there:

And now, my favorite of the set --

Not only because it's the greatest image of all time (Tick Tock Motel -- just seems to connote "Because Your Time is Running Out!"), but because it still looks basically just like this. Granted, it's been painted beige, and the neon is gone (and so are the cars) but all its streamline trimmings are there and the giant Cargill Foods grain silo still looms o'er.
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