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I don't know why they aren't looking at major air side changes. This would make things much more efficient both at LGA and JFK.

They should get rid of the 4-22 runway, and add another 13-31. This way they can use both runways at full capacity simultaneously. Also the runway 4 approach can interfere with the use of the 13 runways a JFK.

Getting rid of 4-22 would also free up a lot of land at it's 22 end (near the Grand Central Parkway.) This would be a good place to move the terminal complex. Demoing the old terminals would free up the land to build the new 13-31 runway (what would be 13L-31R.) They should also add some landfill or build platforms to extend the runways a few thousand feet. As they are they're too short.

BTW, shouldn't this thread be in the transportation forum?
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