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Originally Posted by Antigonish View Post
My biggest concern about this is that the street network in (peninsula) Halifax can't be widened/expanded any further. If the goal is dedicated ROW just go straight to tram/LRT. If upgrades are depended on increased ridership it might flop because taking a bus = do you have a DUI or something? The stigma of riding the bus as an option has such a negative effect I doubt many will buy the "rapid" appeal.
Realistically I think a big part of what will change is more people who work on the peninsula will live on the peninsula, while some suburbs will also develop more and more people will spend most of their time off the peninsula.

Part of this just has to do with being a metro area approaching 500,000. Back when Halifax had 250,000 it was easier for people to travel to most of the main parts of the metro, and the peripheral parts of the metro were too small to have many of their own amenities. In the GTA people rarely travel far across the west and east suburbs, and there are many different "full service" suburbs.
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