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Originally Posted by Citizen_Bane View Post
A quick google reveals that there were circa 2600 Airbnb units in Halifax the summer of 2019. I wonder how many of the protesters at the recent rent control protest have used an Airbnb? I wonder how many have used Uber or other IT 'solution' web based services that impair us (WE the government not THEY) from colleting sufficient tax dollars to provide market cost units for people in need.
Well, the greater the reach of government via taxation measures into an individual's ability to generate wealth, the more creative people will become in ways to avoid the icy grasp of government. Things like AirBnBs and Uber are paradigm shifts that are enabled via technology, but they tap into the dissatisfaction of some/many with the traditional ways of providing those services, which is due in part to excess govt regulation and taxation. I do find myself wondering how many of those 2600 AirBnBs you cite are actually used for that purpose on a regular basis, but clearly Uber has found a market.
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