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Originally Posted by Marshsparrow View Post
ANYTHING that saves you from walking around downtown London is a good thing - hadn't done that in a while - did it last week - what a sad state of affairs and mess - Dundas ripped up, mall that is no longer a mall, no vibrant retail and more homeless than actual residents - not what I remembered from the 90s! The restaurant scene however is impressive - so here's hoping things are on a rebound!
Downtown London is still not a bad downtown. Much safer than ours in Timmins.

London is different because it has really nice areas on the edge of downtown like Richmond Row that attract people but the central part of downtown isn't as attractive.

Here in Timmins we have no money to fix up anything. London obviously has cash if it's fixing up Dundas. I don't know what the plans are but I'm sure it will look much nicer than before.
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