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Originally Posted by ltsmotorsport View Post
I think the through-commute time savings argument is interesting, but not the biggest gain that would come from this idea. Being able to move more trains through downtown quicker than current rates would allow more trains per hour, express service, or both. Depending of course on the ultimate time savings of operation from one end to the other.
To add to this, would people commuting through downtown (to non-downtown destinations) be the only beneficiaries of faster throughput? No. Anyone, whether just passing through or whose destination is DT would benefit.

Originally Posted by maccoinnich View Post
Here's my best attempt, for the red/blue line section only. From Holladay/13th to Collins Circle, via a likely underground route, is ~3 miles.

University Link in Seattle is $1.9 billion for 3.15 miles, or $0.63 billion a mile.
Central Subway in San Francisco is $1.6 billion for 1.7 miles, or $1 billion a mile.
Second Avenue Subway in NYC is $17 billion for 8.5 miles, or $2 billion a mile.

I doubt a project in Portland would reach the costs of tunneling in Manhattan, but the number of stations required would make it more costly than University Link. So I'm going to guess $1 billion a mile, for $3 billion total.

Much as I'd love to see this done, I think it's obvious why it hasn't happened already.
Seattle and I think NY are deep bore tunnels, SFO might be substantially cut and cover. I think PDX would also require a fair amount of deep bore tunneling; especially if the tunnel continued through the Lloyd District (which would mean it would have to go under the Willamette; the elevation change would be significant).
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