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Originally Posted by hat View Post
Would be interesting to find how many people commute from outside downtown to downtown, vs. how many people commute through downtown? If it did not require 20 minutes to get from LLoyd to Goose Hollow, how many people would consider commuting through downtown? Anyone know the actual numbers?

I am inclined to take the bus or bike whenever I am going through the CBD. I find the streetcar and MAX much less useful for just that reason. Maybe others consider the same.
Not everyone is commuting to a job, either. Plenty of people are travelling to a non-downtown destination, but Trimet's downtown-centric hub system virtually requires you to go through downtown to transfer. For instance, I used to work in Tualatin and lived off Sandy, requiring a lengthy bus-ride down the 12 for about an hour. I could have also transferred to the MAX downtown and then hopped on the WES at the BTC, which was sometimes faster.

There are roughly <100,000 jobs downtown, and a working population of >1 million in the metro area. Do the math!

I think that anytime you can increase people's mobility without sacrificing accessibility, you should do it.
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