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Originally Posted by liat91 View Post
I agree, the Matawan extension would be a waste.

I did read once about Flemington, but that is very very tentative at this point. Does Corbett support the Lackawanna cutoff? If he does, then what's the difference?

I think Pennington might not have had space for a station. Who knows. Manville should definitely get a station, what's with that. I live in Hillsborough and will tell you that not really anyone commutes into Philly from anywhere around here, but there are alot that go into NYC. It's funny that there are more commuters trekking into NYC/NE NJ from Nazareth, PA than from Ewing, NJ.
Hes been Quiet on the Lackawanna line , NJT seems to at least want it to Stroudsburg which would do wonders for the traffic and growing population of Monroe County which mainly commutes to NYC and mostly drives... I'm sure once it gets in PA it will be easier to get to Scranton. New York wants it to go to Binghamton as part of their statewide Rail Network however they haven't even begun doing anything with expanding Commuter Rail service in the Hudson Valley and Coumon cancelled the I-287 Rail Corridor which was badly needed.

I'm surprised there are not many Philly commuters down there , maybe thats just on the PA side. Isn't the old station still intact in Pennington?
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