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'sup homies, Firstly i have to apologise for ditching this, life got a bit crazy all of a sudden. Then all of a sudden the crazyness stopped, I won't go in to details but i'll just say i met a crazy bitch, who turned out to be a bitch and made life a bitch. Good to see most of you still alive and kicking, I have missed you all !

Anyone interested in revamping a community city? A new approach to it where i'll do most of the planning and ask for approval, I already have a map which is a beach side setting; circa 1990 to 2020 - Dubai meets Gold Coast (Australia) meets Miami.

One issue that really needs to be addressed though is conformity, in order for it to work in a kickass fashion the models need to adhere to strict guidelines which i'll set out after i post a pic of the map in about 4 hours.

So who forgives me and is interested?
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