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Within the neighborhood of Carpe Diem and D2 currently U/C and of Eqho being heavily restructured (above in this thread), the refurbishment of Chartis (also called CB15 or AIG), which is to begin in early 2013, will complete the renovation of that part of the district I believe. At least regarding existing highrise structures. There are still some post-war low/mid-rise things around, along the esplanade, that I personally would prefer demolished or seriously restructured.
This is how Chartis would look:

A bit the same as those white columns of the facade seem to stay, but they would completely change the glass and then call it Tour Blanche, that simply means white tower. Chartis was one of those first, smaller high-rises built in la Défense during the 60s, as well as its close neighbor Europe being partly refurbished too, but of which the original facade won't change.

As usual, thanks to defense-92 and pss-archi (the French team at work!) for the nice info.
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