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Originally Posted by Prahaboheme View Post
I wasn't considering the Four Seasons and Espirito Santo towers in this boom; if so, yes they are the best in the heap.
As far as the office towers are concerned, 1450 Brickell and Met2 are noteworthy additions to the skyline sparked by this most recent boom. As far as the giant condos are concerned, nothing else in the city looks like Infinity, love it or hate it. It actually turned out better than I had anticipated. Nothing else in the city looks like Marina Blue. Nothing else in the city looks like Paramount at Edgewater Square. Plaza at Brickell, Avenue, Everglades on the Bay, and Brickell on the River do pretty much look alike to me, but they are still different from each other, and there is simply not a whole lot you can do these days with a building that hasn't already been done.

I liken it to today's pop music. All the good music has already been made. Bring on the oldies!
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