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looks like alot of development has been going on in taichung but hasn't been covered here in this forum. the city looks like it's getting a pretty dense skyline. I found someone's website that posted alot of new pics of taichung with a lot of new (looking), nice offices and apartments and ongoing construction. there's alot of buildings i've never seen before.

and does anybody know the status of the taichung opera house? has it been definitely approved, budgeted and will it be built? if so, when? they better build that sucker or i'll be really pissed.

this building is really cool. taiwan needs more of this type of architecture and more all-glass cladded buildings instead of brown or grey, stucco-type/bathroom tile covered buildings.

this is a really nice set of apartment towers:

i like this long green park. the taichung opera house will be built at the end of it, no? i saw it in an animation.

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