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Well, now it looks like I'm going to be picking, but even if you take the Urbanized Area of Atlanta, it's UA is only smaller than Chicago's (and not by much), and New York's, of course. It's also the least dense out of the top 20 or 30 so UA's. It really is in a league of its own in its sprawl:

Atlanta UA: 3,499,840 / 5,083.1 square kilometers / 1,783.3 people per square miles
Houston UA: 3,822,509 / 3354.7 square kilometers / 2,951.1 people per square miles

In fact, you have to go down to number 47 and 48 Charlotte and Nashville UA's before you find any less dense than Atlanta's, and both of there are barely less dense:

47. Charlotte UA: 1,745 ppsm
48: Nashville UA: 1,741 ppsm

Atlanta is singled out for good reason, as it is an anamoly when talking about this nation's largest metros and urban areas.
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