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Originally Posted by superchan7 View Post
If you have a car, public transport becomes quite a bit less relevant. How's the parking situation in Taichung?
Parking in Taichung is bad in most places. Well, it depends on where you are going and the time of day. In the West District it is bad, this is because most of the offices are located here. But if you go to a store or a restruant, they do have parking. As for parking on the street, I dislike the way the parking fees are set up. In Taichung you have to pay to park on the street from around 7 am to Midnite, 24/7. Unlike Taipei where it is, and I could be wrong on the exact hours, 8 am to 7 pm M - F. But I cant complain, parking is bad in any major city in the world. I just wish Taichung could do something with its scooter parking, like what Taipei did. Taipei made some nice parking places for scooters only. Then it makes it easier to walk on the sidewalk.
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