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Originally Posted by Australiasian
i dunno, to me, taichiung seems like a city flourishing with gambling, prostitution and taiwan yakuza/mafia.
Maybe that's the impression from the media. Those problems are everywhere in Taiwan not just Taichung.

Taichung has a lot of lands for building some single buildings for pubs, tea houses, and "night clubs". Maybe, those "night clubs" are so grand that make ppl think Taichung has those problems u mentioned above.

Taipei has a lot of night clubs too. Downtown Taipei just doesn't have enough lands for building night clubs as grand as those in Taichung. The tea houses and resturants posted above can kind of give you an idea why those night clubs are so grand.

This really makes Taichung special. That's why I like Taichung. Especially, those night clubs make that new district like Las Vegas of Taiwan.
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