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I wonder if the view of this deal, and the general attitude toward the ball park, would be different if say Chipman, or some other figure, owned the team and was asking for the break. Again, regardless of what you think of Katz personally, he took a huge risk on downtown over 20 years ago when no one else was willing to (a 12 million dollar risk, I might add). The ball park is the reason 1000s of people come downtown for 60 nights a year, and is one of the great summer family activities.

And let's not get carried away here. Prime spot for redevelopment? The site of the ballpark is literally surrounded by surface parking lots. Let's wait until a few of those reach their supposed higher and best use before we start promoting the re-use of this community gem. Kind of reminds me of the Skinner's debate: Take a risk and support the downtown for decades, only to get kicked out the second things turn around and something cooler comes up!
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