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Photo of the Day: Taipei becomes ghost town as COVID cases spike

Xinyi, Ximending, Tamsui, night markets, MRT become desolate and empty

By Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2021/05/17 13:41

(Taiwan News) — Taipei, a city of over 2.6 million, became an abandoned "ghost city" by Sunday (May 16) after a massive surge in coronavirus cases was reported over the weekend.

Taiwanese were terrified to learn that after over a year of keeping the coronavirus in check, an unprecedented 180 COVID cases were reported on Saturday (May 15), followed by 206 infections on Sunday. In response, both Taipei and New Taipei imposed Level 3 epidemic control restrictions, effective immediately.

The new restrictions, along with anxiety over the spread of the virus, prompted most residents of Taipei to stay in their homes on Sunday. Areas that are normally bustling with throngs of people on Sundays were almost completely empty.

Popular areas such as Xinyi District, Ximending, Tamsui Old Street, and Da Daocheng Wharf, were abandoned. Night markets such as Raohe Night Market and Linjie Street Night Market were empty.

Ridership on Taipei's Metro also dropped off substantially. Only 590,000 passengers took the MRT on Sunday, 1 million fewer than a week ago, leaving many stations looking desolate and devoid of humanity.

Normally busy shopping district of Ximending devoid of people. (CNA photo)

Empty crosswalk in heart of Ximending. (CNA photo)

Empty scene in Xinyi District. (Facebook, Yaode Chen photo)

Empty street in Xinyi District at night. (CNA photo)

Empty pedestrian walkway in Taipei's Tamsui District. (Reddit user SamwellBarley photo)

Inside Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall MRT Station. (CNA photo)

Empty tables at Da Dao Cheng Wharf. (CNA photo)

Raohe Night Market. (CNA photo)

Linjiang Street Night Market. (CNA photo)
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