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Originally Posted by electricron View Post
Brightline's Victorville to Las Vegas line would be a partial service, investors should be leery of an incomplete railroad service. Just look at the nearby CHSR line.

Texas Central line would be complete, connecting train stations in both Dallas and Houston. They already reportedly have around half the funds committed, and half the right of way purchased. They have the money in hand to purchase the remaining land, and once that has been purchased it should not be too difficult to find the remaining half of the funding. Slowly, but surely, Texas Central has been aligning all its ducks in a row, piece by piece. Once all the preparations are done, i expect dirt to be flying, concrete being poured, and rails being laid.

I made a similar posting about CHSR "not" having all its ducks in a row, starting the build even before all the EIS and other preparations for the entire main route was completed. Even government has problems finding money for a complete route when all the preparations are not finished. Likewise with Brightline, they really need a compete route if they plan on getting all their funding privately, even with government backed bonds.
Ducks in a row is great but passenger rail doesn’t make much money, if any, and the capital investment is huge. All of the agreements that they have in place with private companies and Japanese banks are contingent upon them having investors. I’m hoping to see more than reportedly being funded. We’ll see but this will be amazing if it gets built with all private money.
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