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"The question is whether that will make up for the damage of student loans and the recession or whether it will just further enhance widening wealth disparity."

It will likely do both, but my question is what does one have to do with the other? In a free market, there will always be "inequality". Winners and losers. The lucky and the not-so-lucky. What does "wealth inequality" even matter? If we all had equal wealth, who would be making major investments and creating jobs like we see at Vista Tower, One Chicago, Lakeshore East, Amazon distribution centers, factories, etc.

There are many, many people who have more money than me, but that doesn't impact me negatively in any way whatsoever. As long as there are super-wealthy to buy the buildings I help build, I'll have a job. I even have the freedom to save as much money as I can and perhaps one day be the investor and provider of hundreds of jobs. LVDW, you started with one or two properties, doing the painting and drywall yourself. Made big money in the flips and now you have many properties and you're hiring painters and drywallers to do the work for you. Wealth inequality is OK, and works to everyone's advantage.
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