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I was also noting that the California Transportation Commission is proposing to spend $1.1 billion dollars for Bay Area highway improvements compared to just over $237 million in Sacramento. (Haven't looked at the L.A. area which I suspect is disproportionally much larger than both)..

But doing the math....

5.9 million people in the greater SF/SJ MSA(s) receive $1.1 billion for transportation improvements


2.1 million people in Sacramento MSA receive $237 million....

Either Sacramento is getting taken to the cleaners by the California Transportation Commission or the SACOG isn't doing a very good job lobbying for transportation funds.

That's not to blame the bay area MTA, because they need transportation $$$ just as badly. But it does raise a question as to how state transportation dollars are distributed.

I really think at some point the State of California needs to disburse transportation dollars based on percentage of the states population and/or growth...

The decision from the California Transportation Commission is in....

The Sacramento Metropolitan Area (SACOG) today received $241 million for regional highway projects. However the State Transportation Commission denied Sacramento the additional $80 million it was seeking to build carpool lanes on I-80 from Longview Road to the Sacramento River.....

The California Transportation Commission decided to increase funding for the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission (from their ealier proposal) by $260 million for a total of $1.4 billion...

It works out good for the bay area and no doubt all of us who have driven in the bay area lately, know that they can definitely use any
additional money that they can get.

Unfortunately for Sacramento, it simply lacks the poltical muscle necessary to get a bigger (or at the very least; a proportional) piece
of the transportation pie.

It also explains why Cal Trans is trying to get the regional governments in Sacramento as well as local developers to
kick in more $$$ to pay for highway improvements.
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