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Originally Posted by C. View Post
New Yorkers don't like coming to New Jersey.
Giants and Jets fans seem to make it well enough.

We complained about parking at American dream and it’s free, at least for now

Nov 13, 2019

On its website under the topic of parking there is a banner on the page that says, in all capital letters with the last word bolded, “Parking is Free.”

“(The mall) has huge potential if it can be done right ," Murphy told the show’s host, Eric Landskroner. "I agree with you. It’s got to be affordable and accessible.”

A spokesperson for American Dream did not respond to questions from NJ Advance Media about how long parking would be free and why the policy change was made.

They simply said what we already knew, “Parking rates at American Dream have not been enforced, outside of game/event days, and parking has been free since opening.”

American Dream originally said it would start charging for parking on Oct. 28 -- the Monday after opening weekend. But when Monday came, electricians were still wiring the equipment that would dispense the tickets and raise and lower the gate to let drivers in and out of the garages.

The installation of the parking equipment was completed in time for the first home football game, Nov. 4, when the NY Giants took on the Dallas Cowboys. People who wanted to visit American Dream the day of the game were relegated to the B/C lot where they were charged $30 to park. They could have their parking ticket validated if they visited Nickelodeon Universe, the theme park inside American Dream.

The event rate parking still stands at American Dream anytime there is something going on at MetLife Stadium. On days that there are NFL games, parking is $30 without a prepaid Giants parking pass and $45 without a prepaid Jets parking pass. The rates are in effect 5 hours prior to the start of the game and remain in effect until 1 hour after kick-off.

American Dream will also charge $10 for valet parking.

But if you go on a day when nothing is happening at the stadium -- and you park your own car -- you can park for free at American Dream.

Huge New York City-themed aquarium is opening in new US mega attraction

Kara Godfrey
19 Nov 2019

SEA LIFE Aquarium will open at the recently opened American Dream mall.

It will feature 250,000 gallons of water with over 3,000 animals including octopus, fish and zebra sharks.

The tanks, however, won't be normal tanks - they will be themed on famous New York landmarks.

Guests will walk through "Rush Hour of the Ocean" when exploring the attraction, with subway adverts and yellow eels mimicking the iconic New York taxis.

An underwater tunnel called "Sharks Fish Avenue" will feature destinations such as Times Square surrounded by the fish and sharks - as well as "storefront windows" showing the animals.

Julie Estrada, Head of Public Relations for Merlin, explained its purpose was learning about animal conservation.

For example, kids can learn how fish swim in schools by watching the yellow eel 'taxi cabs'.

Other exhibits will include piranhas at "Wall Street Wolves" and seahorses at "Ballet Dancers of the Ocean".

"City's Freshwater" will show fish that are common in the Hudson River.

The aquarium will open in the New Jersey's new American Dream attraction, just seven miles from New York City.

Opening earlier this year, inside is a "mega mall" featuring 450 shops, a theme park and water park.

It is spread over three million square foot of land - or around 47 football pitches.

NEW YORK heals.

“Office buildings are our factories – whether for tech, creative or traditional industries we must continue to grow our modern factories to create new jobs,” said United States Senator Chuck Schumer.
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