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Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
New Jersey’s Dream mall: 40M people and a traffic nightmare


New Yorkers don't like coming to New Jersey. It will be very interesting to see if the mall formerly known as Xanadu can pull it off. A few of the other things I'll be watching for include:
  1. If there is any kind of cannibalization of existing retail/entertainment venues.
  2. Will American Dream survive the Retailapocalypse.
  3. What will be the impacts to traffic in the area. And will traffic be so bad that it discourages area residents from attending.
  4. What will be the breakdown of patronage between New Jersey residents, NYC residents, and visitors to NYC.
  5. Will it attract the foot traffic or sales per sqft that's necessary for this to be deemed a profitable success?
The entertainment component is the wildcard for me. If it was purely retail, I would have bet good money that the total project would be a failure. The entertainment facilities might be the trick to attract enough people to the site. Transportation to the site is going to be the biggest challenge, especially for those without cars, IMO.
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