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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
uh no, that's not it at all. many people in chicago have a massive chip on their broad shoulder regarding NYC, and abhor any comparisons made between chicago and the big apple.

if you're making it a three-way race, then chicago and toronto are certainly much more similar to each other than either is to NYC, but that still doesn't make chicago and toronto "essentially twins".

anyone who has ever spent a significant amount of time in both cities would know that.
Exactly, of course JAYNYC has shown around here before that he has a huge hate-boner for Chicago, so he naturally has to draw these idiotic conclusions.

My recent trip 2 weeks ago to Toronto confirmed to me that it is far from Chicago's "Great Lakes twin", and thinking about NYC had nothing to do with it. They both have a lot of skyscrapers and are on a huge freshwater lake, but largely the similarities of their built environment and the people who live in these cities end there
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