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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
that's unfortunate. grilling is at least 50% of the reason for even having a balcony in the first place.

my wife's old highrise condo in the west loop was like that. it was my least favorite aspect of her building. i hated lugging all of the food and grilling stuff down the hall, onto the elevator, and down to the common area terrace, just to grill some meat. and god forbid if you forgot the marinade or something else upstairs or if the two grill stations were already being used by others.

at marina city, when i wanted to grill, i simply stepped out onto my balcony, fired up the grill, and then grilled my meat. the logistics of food prep and clean-up were an order of magnitude easier having the grill and my kitchen separated by just 15 feet, instead of 150 feet and an 11 floor elevator ride.
Balcony grilling is illegal in Florida as well. I would actually be surprised if it is not in fact illegal in Chicago as well (obvious fire hazard).
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