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Originally Posted by suburbanite View Post
I've lived on the 30th floor with a balcony for years and I can probably count on two hands how many times I've been out there for more than 10 minutes. Usually they're too narrow to have a big enough table for more than 4 people. If I want to read outside I'll go to the lakeside park 5 minutes away. 90% of its use is for smoking if I'm having people over and I definitely would not count that as an essential component of the livability of the place.

i lived on the 33rd floor of marina city for 6 yeas and used my giant balcony (175 SF) all the time.

the single most important aspect of balconies is being able to grill. if you're not a griller, then that removes a large chunk of the reason for having them.

my balcony was also big enough to have a table and chairs for 8, so it was great for having people over, especially smokers.

it also had a great view looking west down the river canyon, so it was the perfect spot to chill with a book and a beer and enjoy some fresh air.

and watching thunderstorms out there was THE BEST!

i really do miss my highrise balcony. but now that i'm a family man, i would not want to do the highrise living thing with young children. kudos to those that do it though!
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