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I have two minds of the balcony issue. They can be a nice amenity providing they area actually large enough to be a usable space, such as the ones on Marina City (and many older, more banal buildings). But, often times they are so tiny as to be unusable and simply listed as an amenity for the sake of it. I'm not particularly afraid of heights but the thought of being on a postage stamp sized one 50+ floors up isn't too appealing.

Often times "artistic" balconies, even when they do add legitimate design appeal, fall in the tiny, unusable category.

And yeah, when I lived in even a smaller highrise I found the elevator a trek, and is honestly the limiting factor for me wanting to live in one. Generally the older I get the less appealing it is to me. Friends who live 40+ storeys up in brand new buildings have a litany of horror stories about elevator issues which doesn't help. Particularly given the elevator tech shortage here right now.
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