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I don't understand why people think only tourist will visit. It's in a giant metropolis of over 20 million people.

Originally Posted by rgarri4 View Post
I cant wait to shop at Dier! lol. Besides the cheesy renderings I'm super curious to see how this turns out.
I thought America was kinda finished with the idea of large mega malls. Only still popular in Dubai where you never ever go outside unless you're in a car or at the beach.
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This whole project is pretty obnoxious, is it 1980 or is NJ trying to be Dubai? How many hundreds of acres will surface parking lots be taking up?
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This is pretty much useless marsh anyway, not even attractive from an environmental perspective.. I think any discussion of land consumption for surface parking lots is missing any point. If this was in downtown newark, I would agree

As with anything else people don't like, the good news is that you won't be forced to visit. I'm sure there will be more than enough people to make up for it though. Even the JETS and the GIANTS tried to block this thing because they know the crowds it will bring.

Anyway, a review of sorts...

Video Link

Video Link

Video Link

Meanwhile, it may not be Dubai, but Miami had it's own American Dream proposal...

American Dream, the country’s largest shopping mall, is coming to Miami

NEW YORK heals.

“Office buildings are our factories – whether for tech, creative or traditional industries we must continue to grow our modern factories to create new jobs,” said United States Senator Chuck Schumer.
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