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Originally Posted by cjreisen View Post
Also I can tell you why this will work! Try to catch the buses from Port Authority to New Jersey, and it is always flooded with people going to malls in Jersey, lots of foreigners looking for cheap stuff. So this will be like that on steroids!
This is true, but I could never figure out why. I mean, imagine vacationing in the greatest city in the world, only to hop on a bus out of the dingy Port Authority to a suburban NJ mall to buy crap you could have gotten online for less. If people can afford vacationing in NYC, can't they also afford New York retail prices and get the real experience instead of a cheap suburban wannabe.


I'm very interested to see how much demand this place actually gets. My opinion is it's too out of the way with poor transit accessibility, but I could very well be wrong. Time will tell.
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