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Originally Posted by OldDartmouthMark View Post
So it looks like the museum/siding was located on the site currently occupied by that little shopping plaza off Mumford?
I think that's true, or immediately behind the plaza location. My recollection is (and perhaps ghYHZ will have a better recall) the siding on which the museum rolling stock was located was built off the Simpson's siding. The 1962 aerial photo from the Nova Scotia Archives is not super clear, but you can see the switch where the siding diverges from the main line just south of the Mumford Road overpass. The museum track was just long enough to hold the equipment and, once the track was built, the temporary switch was removed so the track was no longer connected to anything.

(The Simpsons-Sears warehouse, behind the Simpson's retail store, had several rail spurs. Here's another obscure piece of old Halifax trivia: When I was a kid in the 60s Santa Claus arrived at Simpson's each Christmas for several years by train. His arrival would be announced with a big ad in the Herald featuring the Jolly Old Elf himself astride a CNR locomotive.)

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