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Originally Posted by ns_kid View Post
According to the website Nova Scotia Railway Heritage, the Halifax train shed was demolished "by 1989". However Jon Archibald, in a wonderful collection of photos he's made available on Flickr, features images of the structure still partially standing taken as late as 1992.

This disheartening image, taken in the fall of 1991, shows VIA RDC units, sidelined by Mulroney's draconian 1990 cuts, next to what remains of the train shed's steel framework.

Source: Jon Archibald Flickr

This image was taken 10 years earlier when the train shed was still intact, if a bit tired. Given the angle of the sun, my guess is the train on track four is #12, the Atlantic, in from Montreal and Saint John at 3:15. It was discontinued in November, 1981 (although revived briefly from 1985-90).

Source: Jon Archibald Flickr

The train shed had six interior tracks, although tracks 1 and 2 were for express and freight. It was a bit dingy in its later years though as a kid I loved the place; it was always a bit dark and mysterious, the ceiling black with the effects of age and more than thirty years of coal smoke. The place was always rich with the scent of diesel exhaust, creosote and fresh steam.
Wow! Fantastic imagery, thanks for the links, photos, and commentary. Fascinating.

This photo, from the Nova Scotia Railway Heritage site linked above, shows what appears to be retractable shutters at the top, presumably to provide "ventilation" for coal, and later diesel, smoke - while providing shelter for travelers going to/from the train.

I was always fascinated by trains/rail travel, but for some reason have little recollection of these sheds. Most likely the reason is due to not actually traveling by train until the late 1990s, after they were gone.

One childhood rail memory I have, that I have not been able to find visual proof of, is that there were a couple of out-of-service steam locomotives stored at the siding by the old Simpson's building on Mumford Road. This would have been around the late 1960s, I believe or possibly early 1970s.

I keep hoping that I will find a photo of it online some time in order to resolve the childhood memory that I have of it.

Really appreciate your posts on this subject!
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