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Originally Posted by CherryCreek View Post
More details coming out on the redevelopment effort on Cherry Creek Mall East Side. The Container Store moves the East Side, as does Macy's Furniture.

The bigger news is the obvious effort to free up the huge west side of the mall for redevelopment. The table is now set for redevelopment. There was a rumor a few months ago about high-end condo/hotel development on the west side with Four Seasons opening its second location in Denver.

In February, the Denver Post had the following from Taubman, the CC Mall developer:

The future of building is more uncertain on the opposite side of the center that most recently housed a Bed, Bath & Beyond.

“That is part of a larger program for us to understand really what we want to do with the entire west end (of the shopping center),” Taubman said. “I think there is an opportunity to densify the west end. We need to understand what that means right now.”

Have to wonder whether a major redevelopment announcement is coming soon. Will be interesting to follow!
Definitely read "Macy's Furniture Gallery" as "Macy's" and was very confused about it moving from the "west side".

But I'm very excited to see what's in store on that side and to see all that parking potentially get repurposed.
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