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Extension of the previous post.

‘10 cities in state most polluted’
New Delhi, DHNS: Bengaluru, Tumakuru, Bidar, Davanagere and Raichur are the five most polluted cities in Karnataka, according to a report released by Greenpeace on Monday.
Useless union budget 2018. Nothing for NMCC Karnataka! Favouring the capital city region where this party gets a countable number of seats only.

Bengaluru gets 17,000 crore reasons to cheer the Budget
Why Bengaluru's suburban rail is now a political project
Also, as the party is weak in Old-Mysore region, any gain in Bengaluru is a plus for the BJP, and could be a game-changer. And while the Mahadayi river-sharing row could cost the party in the Mumbai-Karnataka region, a gain in Bengaluru could compensate it.
Trains, science and tech R&D a boost for Bengaluru
First defence corridor will connect Chennai and Bengaluru: Nirmala Sitharaman on Budget 2018

We want Goa-Belgaum-Gulbarga-Vishakhapatnam Defence Corridor to be given priority.

This is a typical case of a party ditching the people (people of NMCC-Karnataka) who have created a base for it in South India by joining hands with the real estate mafia of the capital city of Karnataka. Let NMCC Karnataka unite and vote against the union budget 2018 in this assembly election!

At least this one has better things for NMCC Karnataka.

18 institutes selected for biotechnology skill development course

When will AICC president reveal his formula to resolve Mahadayi dispute?

When these both parties don't have solution why should we vote for them? NMCC Karnataka has to defeat both the ruling parties (union & state) and vote for the third party.

A few journalists are asking how 'Gulbarga University' can get eminence status when it has not even applied for it? My answer is just like the capital city of Karnataka included in smartcity list through a special category called 'capital cities' Gulbarga University can be considered under special category. All three regions of India with special status should get one eminent university each under this category.

A few politicians are telling that Gulbarga is a small city to have such infrastructure. My answer is world class universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, MIT all are in small cities. Boston's population is just 6 lakhs but have so many world class universities around it. And secondly, we want a big city for Hyderabad-Karnataka region.

Congress plans to release three manifestoes for Assembly polls
For the first time, the Congress is planning to bring out three separate manifestoes- state, region, and district wise- for the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections.

The state-level manifesto will list out programmes which will be applicable across the state while zonal-level manifesto will have details of the projects targeting the particular region or zone, senior Congress leader and Congress Manifesto Committee chairman M Veerappa Moily told DH here on Wednesday.

The district-level manifesto will comprise the projects which are going to to be implemented in that particular district if the party comes to power, the Congress leader said.
In manifesto parties can show paradise itself. What is important is priority. First priority for NMCC Karnataka's four zone development is most important! Knowledge cities in NMCC Karnataka belts/clusters should be developed on first priority. Let there be clear cut view in the manifesto itself on what are the governement funded R&D and training institutes which will be shifted from the capital city to NMCC Karnataka zones.

Karnataka: Will remove hurdles to flow of private capital if re-elected, says Congress
The Congress, Moily said, will have state-specific, region-specific and district-specific plans, and has divided Karnataka into six zones centered around Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Mysuru, Hubli-Dharwad, Gulbarga, and Chitradurga.
Chitradurga is fine. But only one zone for South-East Karnataka. No region should get more zones. No discrimination please. What is the plan for redistribution of government-owned R&D infrastructure equally among five zones? I am not worried about private infrastructure in the begining. But the government infrastructures has to be distributed equally among five zones. Hope one day even population will get distributed evenly among five zones.

Now regarding 'Soft Hindutva'. What I want to know under 'Soft Hindutva' is whether there is any policy to promote temples under government control as charity organizations? What I want to know is whether temples will have enough lands for conducting charity & educational works like the leading religion of the world in India? Many of socioreligious unrest are happening now because temples are unable to do charity works in par with other religions as they are controlled by government and government had confiscated their land for its own purposes making many of them bankrupt. What basically temples need is land in equal ratio with the leading religion of the world. If 'Soft Hindutva' policy can bring temples, which are under its control, in par with organizations of the leading religions of the world then we would achieve a lot towards inclusive growth & peaceful co-existence. Ultimately the government should relinquish its control fully as per the spirit of secularism and temples under its control currently should be managed by an autonomous charity/religious body which should render charity & educational services in par with other religious bodies. So, what is 'Soft Hindutva' detailed plan for this? Please include this plan in election manifesto so that smart voters can analyze it.

Anyway enjoy election time statements of politicians while visiting temples as a part of 'Soft Hindutva Programme'.

Congress will simplify GST, cut confusion if voted to power nationally, says Rahul Gandhi - a uniform tax structure capped at 18 per cent
Even UPA did not create enough jobs, admits Cong chief

This party ruled Karnataka & India keeping many temples under its control for more than 50 years. This party appreciates charity works done by the majority religion of the world. But showed least interest to develop temples under government control as charity organizations providing social, educational & medical services to people in need. And it talks about 'Soft Hindutva' now.

And first the party which wanted a separate flag for the state in favour of Kannadigas started inviting other state political leaders to get non-Kannadiga votes. Now other parties are following it. See these parties want both Kannadiga and non-Kannadiga votes. Chameleons!

BJP putting plan in place to woo non-Kannadiga voters
Karnataka polls: After BSP, JD(S) allies with NCP, fosters Third Front to counter Congress, BJP

Mridangist Umayalapuram Sivaraman bats for global music university

Dharwad which has produced so many musicians can have this university.

Namma Metro to Business Parks, Siddaramaiah Showers Sops on Bluru
Karnataka budget welcomed by business community

No doubt real estate mafia of the parched city liked the budget!

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