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Originally Posted by Duffstuff129 View Post
First of all, the "axe-wounds" are not for the environment, they are gardens to ratchet up the price of units.

And second, if you took the time to study the building for more than a few seconds, you would see that the gardens are very tastefully done, with one opening on each side of the building, spaced evenly.

Third, this is not a supertall.

Fourth, I can tell from your posts that you hate modern architecture.

And finally, using essentially the same metaphor (this looks like it was smashed/slashed [like in the Tour de Verre thread]) to get your point across makes you seem unintelligent and uncreative.

And I think I was just trolled.
Well, thats fine, your entitled to your opinion & you don't have to agree with mine. Your right, I'm a much bigger fan of classical art & architecture than modern art. This might be more popular view in architecture than you think.

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