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Originally Posted by Starsky View Post
Typical Libeskind, although I'm surprised he didn't splatter it with neon rainbow and have amorphous growths protruding from the side. Remember, this is a guy who writes poems about feces, a true modern artist

Honestly, it looks like Paul Bunyan & his big blue ox went at it with giant axe. It has an almost complete lack of cohesion & symmetry, like nearly every other Libeskind project. Please, I hope this abomination is not built. Can Daniel Libeskind leave New York *alone*.

Look, I'm not trying to "poop" on the parade here. I'm happy when supertalls get built, but be honest with yourself about this thing. It would look way better without the environmentally friendly axe wounds. You see the masterpiece Empire State Building & then have to look over at his fugly stump in the picture. If he covered up those slashes in it, it would be half-way decent. Skyscrapers shouldn't look like the aftermath of a Godzilla vs. Mothra battle. I understand that tree-huggers, fans of modern art & environmentalists will love this for the symbolism..
First of all, the "axe-wounds" are not for the environment, they are gardens to ratchet up the price of units.

And second, if you took the time to study the building for more than a few seconds, you would see that the gardens are very tastefully done, with one opening on each side of the building, spaced evenly.

Third, this is not a supertall.

Fourth, I can tell from your posts that you hate modern architecture.

And finally, using essentially the same metaphor (this looks like it was smashed/slashed [like in the Tour de Verre thread]) to get your point across makes you seem unintelligent and uncreative.

And I think I was just trolled.
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