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Originally Posted by iheartphilly View Post
Yeah, I had said something like that in an earlier post, but in watching the full video, there were some shots/angles that didn't show the rectangular glass panels as prominent and the lines from these seem to seamlessly blend in with the glass. It's got a unique configuration due to the lot and the the street level entrance isn't glass but looks like stone veneers and other materials. Not sure if that will run all along the based, but that would make a difference in how it looks. The garden facing the parkway looks amazing, and the tucked in balconies are different. I think if executed well with materials, we just might be surprise. I'm gonna reserve judgement until the final product is delivered.
Yeah, time will tell. Most of the more interesting elements look to me like they won't be very visible at street level. Like the balcony design, which the video captured through closeups using drone footage. But we'll see.
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