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Originally Posted by cardeza View Post
Every mall has a "food court" with relatively mundane, affordable chain offerings. This is no different. At least there will be some nicer stand alone options such as City Winery. Even the food court at Liberty Place is nothing more than a glorified mall food court except its more crowded and noisy than any upscale mall foodcourt. The Bourse is an atypical food court with fancier options and a unique environment- but I just read numerous vendors there have closed up shop already. My guess is you wont be reading the same about FDP food court purveyors anytime soon.
I was just in the Bourse on Saturday (not for the Oktoberfest thing). It was pretty packed, even well after the event was over. Some stands were indeed closed, but the harsh majority of stands were open. The only ones that seemed closed were seasonal ones and more niche stands. The Fry Bar is awesome btw.
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