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Originally Posted by iheartphilly View Post
Hmm...if you are thinking anchors have to be the classic department stores, then yes. But, I think they achieved their anchors with H and M, Century 21, and possibly Burlington. I think the general term in retail is if you can get a brand to occupy large amount of square footing as part of the development, they become the anchor.

More importantly, I think PREIT found a good mix of retail and entertainment to get people to spend their money. And the co-working is clever, if filled out. The idea is to keep an influx and outflow of people in and out of FDP.

FWIW, I think Inga was also spot on in her article. And, not that we weren't aware, but PREIT did confirm they are not cladding the second level. Huge disappointment, given the new developments on Market East. I think it would of blended in with the whole Market East Re-developement, at least cosmetically.
I still can't believe they did not power wash and paint the top exterior on the Western and Eastern buildings. That's just a slap in the face. If they didn't do it now, they probably won't when/if towers are adding. But that is another opportunity to do so. Otherwise, I am encouraged by what I'm hearing. I'm going to try to check it out tomorrow.
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