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Inga posted a review that's hard to argue with, arguing primarily that it's still just a mall, and a mostly inward-facing one at that. One thing that hasn't been explicitly mentioned which I find interesting having been there is that it manages to feel fairly dynamic already despite that the fact that of the six Market Street corners it holds, only two are really occupied:

8th and Market: still vacant (her review alludes to the fact that they have an unannounced user for the space)

9th and Market NE: Burlington
9th and Market NW: Candytopia (temporary use, obviously not what they'd hoped for the prime spot in the mall)
10th and Market NE: H&M
10th and Market NW: still vacant (liquor license in window)
11th and Market NE: still vacant (massive two-story space)

Point being, they basically managed to open a mall without any anchors. Not sure who it's a credit to (maybe just sheer volumes of people?) that on my visit it managed to feel quite lively despite the fact that its prime spaces are still behind drywall, and it is these prime spaces that will likely do the most to create a feeling of permeability between Market Street and the interior. Sounds like we can count on at least one of these being food oriented (10th Street where the liquor license is). Depending on what they grab for the remaining anchor spots, I wonder how much that might shift the look/feel and expand the audience of who's spending time there.

In the meantime, I found it to succeed in the most basic ways it needs to: it feels modern and new, connects to transit stations and the Convention Center in ways that make the whole thing feel like an impressive urban feat of infrastructure, and is certainly already enough of a shiny new thing to draw in tourists (of whom i saw many) along with commuters and locals.
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