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Originally Posted by PhillyEngineer View Post
I am just now sure that there are enough unique stores/elements to attract people from outside Center City. That means they will have to rely on Center City residents and tourists/conventioneers....and I am not sure that is enough.
I walked through yesterday and you could see that it was not just drawing from Center City residents but rather from people all over the city. It was a great multicultural cross section of what Philly is today, lots of families, teens, non-family adults. I think PREIT's concern is that Center City-ites get turned off and it only draws from non-Center City residents which could turn into a negative stereotype feedback loop that it is only the mall for 'them'. I think there will be plenty of people to go here (as long as it's kept safe, attractive and has things to draw people): residents from any part of the city with good rail or bus access, center city workers, tourists, conventioneers.

I am not a mall or shopping person but coming in with low expectations I was impressed. I will definitely try to partake it as much as possible. I was also a little let down by the food options, but I really liked the underground access to the transit lines (El, Patco plus Jefferson Station).

I don't get the complaints about the video screens. People actually want streaming video facing Market Street? Isn't that a safety hazard?
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