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I visited the FDP are my observations:

1. The outside is still unattractive...even with the addition of some digital screens.
2. The inside is much better. It is much brighter than the Gallery was.
3. There is a lot of beautiful public artwork inside. I went on a tour of it, bur PREIT stupidly scheduled a band to play in the 9th Street atrium at the same time and they were blasting the music so loud I couldn't hear much of what the tour guide was saying about the art.
4. Eliminating the subterranean entrance at 9th Street is a big improvement.
5. Most of the stores are your standard ho-hum mall variety with a couple of exceptions: The Columbia Sportswear store is beautiful, DSW will open a store - should be popular, YOYOSO - a China based store that looks similar to Target might be a draw when it opens - except they are putting it in a terrible location - At the far east end on the Concourse level behind an escalator.
6. The H&M store is huge - it is on 3 levels.
7. There is a lot of empty retail space - especially at the western end.
8. The Uniquely Philly section seems like an afterthought. The storefronts are small and have little character to them. I wonder if they are temporary.
9. The "Entertainment" district on the 3rd floor looks like it will only be AMC & Round1. The rest of the floor is going to be co-working space.
10. Market Eats is nothing special. It's better than what was there before, but it is all chain restaurants. The Chickie's & Pete's is an airport type of stand.
11. Starbucks will face Market Street and will only be accessible from the street...not from inside the mall.
12. Century 21 has not opened it's 2nd floor entrance into the mall...not a good sign.

Before it opened I gave it a 50/50 chance of succeeding. Now that I have seen it in person...I haven't changed my opinion. I am just now sure that there are enough unique stores/elements to attract people from outside Center City. That means they will have to rely on Center City residents and tourists/conventioneers....and I am not sure that is enough. Here are some pictures:

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