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I can see the LA-Toronto comparisons as cities that grew at similar times from more modest prewar beginnings.

Toronto still follows more of a traditional East Coast development pattern with the more desirable neighbourhoods (both for young people and the traditional wealthy SFH areas) closest to the core, and typically you expect prices and general urban activity to decline as you move outwards . Toronto is multi-nodal with high-ruse clusters scattered throughout the core, but they tend to be more immigrant-heavy, and feel somewhat superficial maybe? Like they aren't really destinations for a ton of people who don't live there. I don't think many people who live downtown would never go to Mississauga or Scarborough City Center for entertainment. I feel like the same isn't true in LA with Santa Monica and all the various beaches (Venice, Manhattan, Hermosa, etc.).

LA is pretty unique in that regard with highly desirable areas for young people separated from the core by miles of low-density detached neighborhoods.
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