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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
I'm trolling because I don't think Detroit is similar in nearly every respect to Los Angeles and backed up my opinion with population statistics?

Ok, man.
Literally nobody has said that Detroit and Los Angeles are similar in every respect. You have been arguing against a point that literally no one has been arguing. Yes, that does make you a troll.

Originally Posted by dc_denizen View Post
After much thought here are North American cities grouped together the most appropriately.

Grouping variables include vernacular architecture and urban layout as well as some intangibles.

Miami/Dallas/Phoenix - very master planned cities (by suburban developers)

Houston -unique

Montreal/new Orleans/Baltimore/Philadelphia - centralized cities with rowhouses

Toronto/Detroit/Los Angeles - early auto era sprawl , although Toronto core architecture somewhat unique

If you want to make an objection then object. But you continue to try to invalidate other people who agreed with the assessment and have actually seen both places with their own eyes. And the worst part of it is that you admittedly have little knowledge about Detroit, other than what you've seen in the media. You are demonstrating the absolute worst aspect of the internet right now. It empowers people to think they know more about a subject than they actually do.
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