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Originally Posted by MonkeyRonin View Post
Not sure why you keep bringing up the "wealth belt" as if that were of any particular relevance. Unlike some cities where you have a favoured quarter and everything else is bombed out, Toronto's north end isn't any more notable than the east or west ends.
Toronto's wealth is along Yonge. There's far more wealth within a mile or so of Yonge than anywhere to the east or west. Places like Rosedale, Forest Hill.

I'm using the Yonge corridor because I'm comparing apples-apples; i.e. the most desirable inner city geographies in the respective cities.
Originally Posted by MonkeyRonin View Post
It's actually to the west that's the most urban, dense, culturally relevant, heavily visited, etc.
I don't understand the point. No one in Chicago would call Lincoln Park the most "urban, dense, culturally relevant, heavily visited" either. Rich neighborhoods tend to be kinda boring.

But if you wanna compare, say, Queen West to Wicker Park, I think you'll also see differences in street level form. The overall point is that Toronto and Chicago don't look very similar from the ground.
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