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Originally Posted by SpawnOfVulcan View Post
I apologize, but I don't understand how you could possibly feel less safe with LED streetlights compared to the old standard.

I mean, personally, if I'm driving down a street that I am not familiar with in a more impoverished part of town, I don't see the distance glow of an old streetlight as helpful. These days, now that our streets are lit with LED street lights, there is much more that I can see as I drive down a street.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm getting the impression that LED streetlights here in Birmingham are less powerful than those outside of the Southeast? From some comments in this thread, I get the feeling that people are f***ing blinded by them... that just doesn't seem to be anything like our new streetlights.
I don't feel less safe with LED streetlights. I think you misinterpreted me. In fact I said they're probably safer in terms of reducing traffic accidents since you can see better.

And I'm personally not blinded by the LED's, I just think that harsh blue light is less comfortable to be in. When I see warm incandescent glow down the street, it looks inviting. It looks like a cozier neighborhood over there. Know what I mean?

The issue of feeling safer, from crime, on the street is something I've never considered I guess. I'm having a hard time thinking of a neighborhood here in town that I wouldn't feel safe walking through at night. (Although I suppose women might feel differently.)

As for driving through a bad neighborhood? I feel pretty dang safe from crime. I mean, I'm in a big metal box that can go fast. Hopefully my life never becomes a scene from Escape from New York, LOL.
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