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Originally Posted by terrynorthend View Post
Will the BL Outpatient facility replace or duplicate services downtown? I'm confused as to the overall scope of the Capital Health long term plan. If these services will also be available downtown for residents, it's a very different story to me.
I'm not sure anyone really knows yet. The problem for me is that the province apparently did solicit city staff's opinion on this, and when staff told them this was a terrible location (even when considering rural and suburban access, there are far better locations) they were ignored.

And now no one seems to be able to say exactly the scope of this, and to what degree, if any, this will replace city centre services. The provincial government is completely playing politics with this, and I have no doubt they'll do whatever they believe is in their best electorally, rather than what's best for citizens. After Mike Savage expressed doubts yesterday about the location, McNeil rejoinded today with: "He's the mayor of Halifax; I'm the premier of Nova Scotia." The provincial government is at best disinterested in What's best for Halifax. I've got no faith that they'll retain all the critical services downtown if they think they can swing a few votes by moving them to Bayer's Lake.
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