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Originally Posted by Nouvellecosse View Post
I don't think it's so much that they don't have a right to be upset as much as that they don't have a legitimate right to demand that the outside world cater to their emotions. If someone saves up for 5 years for a dream vacation that they book 6 months in advance and it rains the entire time, they have a right to be disappointed even though they know that there's no guarantee of fine weather, even in an area where fine weather is common.
Absolutely agree. Therefore it's understandable that people about to lose their view would stage some sort of protest to see if they can prevent the loss. They are not entitled to it, but I can at least empathize with them to a degree, even if their motives seem a little selfish to the rest of us.

That said, it would never be a good idea to buy a condo based on assumptions. If a view is important to you, then research the area and see potentials for development. In this case, buy on the Victoria Park side or one of the higher units.

I've noticed that often when developers are doing multiple buildings in the same area next to a desirable view, they will do the ones further back, presumably so that potential buyers will think they are getting a magnificent view, then a year or so down the road, they build another one in front of it...
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