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Originally Posted by ns_kid View Post
From the 1592 Barrington Street thread:

AllNovaScotia is reporting that high-end Montreal clothier Frank & Oak is indeed coming to Barrington Street but will set up shop in another Southwest Properties building, the former Carsand Mosher location at the northeast corner of Barrington and Blowers, most recently occupied by the Summit Shop. (I believe the original tenant in this building was Peoples Jewellers -- or People's Credit Jewellers as it was known at the time. The PCJ monogram is still visible on the sidewalk.)

Given that Urban Outfitters is apparently on track for an opening in the Espace building -- or so ANS continues to insist -- this will nicely bookend this block for developer Reznick and company.

The ANS story quotes a Frank & Oak spokesperson as saying this is a "temporary" location, designed to "immerse the brand" in the community and explore future possible locations.

This may suggest that this is essentially a testing of the market with no long-term commitment. It may also suggest that the C-M building is something of a placeholder pending completion of the Roy.

Whiterock Construction has, the story says, already started renovations in the C-M building.
This is exciting, but if they're setting up a "test" shop it's a helluva stupid time to do so.

There is massive construction on the street. It's the middle of winter.

You're going to open up a temporary "tester" shop under these conditions?

Hope they're not setting themselves up to fail...
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