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Sorry Black Star, I have to agree in full with Yegger on this one. We are constantly ignored and underestimated on the national stage. I've had arguments with people on this forum (different subforum though) who thought Edmonton was in the same tier with smaller cities like Halifax. Obviously population isn't everything, but it does count for something, not to mention the economic might of Edmonton and the oodles of opportunities. But I guess in a way it's not that surprising, based on how often Edmonton seems to come up, most would be lead to believe it is in a tier with smaller centres and the impression is that Calgary is much bigger, when it isn't.

I personally find it frustrating. Even in casual conversation, the go-to Alberta example 99% of the time is Calgary. In city comparisons, Calgary comes up so often, whereas Edmonton is rarely mentioned. On the national news, a story from Edmonton will end with someone reporting live from Calgary (I'm looking at you, CTV).

While yes in a way it's nice to see the "I don't give a fuck attitude" on occasion, I find in most cases it's more a case of genuine self-loathing or believing the stereotypes or whatever. We also suffer from a large contingent who live beyond the ring road and complain about how boring Edmonton is, but never visit downtown or other inner areas. These same people will hit up 17th in Calgary, Granville Island in Vancouver, and St-Catherine Street in Montreal. I do agree that we could learn a thing or two from Calgary's boosterism.
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