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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
That article was written before Chicago had any funding. It doesn't tell us anything except what they hope for. When it was published, nobody knew how much money would be available, or when.
I'm a little confused. The article detailed the city's plan for the $18 million it had hoped to secure. That plan very clearly calls for the development of 300 stations during 2012. The funding was secured. Why would the plan change?

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
I'm not trying to be a spoilsport, by the way. I really hope Chicago does launch with 300. The more you have, the better it works. It's just that I happen to know a lot about how bikesharing funding works, and 300 by summer seems optimistic. Optimistic, but possible. Before I had any details about the CMAQ money, it sounded absurd.
You don't sound like a spoilsport, but I'm curious: Does corporate sponsorship mean that New York's plans warrant less skepticism?
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