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I suppose. I'm not aware of Chinatown pushing "in unison" for a subway until it was an actual proposal from Willie Brown (prop K in 2003 and prop B funding prior to that), but perhaps I'm wrong. As I'm sure you know, many of the details of the plan were ironed out after it was determined that the Embarcadero Freeway would be torn down as a "consolation prize" - and Chinatown was VERY torn on what to do before that, with most (but not all) merchants VERY opposed to a subway and VERY supportive of rebuilding the freeway. What Geary needs is leadership from politicians (either a mayor or a few supervisors), not some vague agreement amongst merchants on only one portion of the street (Richmond merchants and residents have different goals/desires than Japantown, Fillmore, Cathedral Hill, etc, etc merchants and residents).
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